Industry Update from EFX President Brian Andrews

Have you heard about all the recent controversy surrounding Geranium oil or, more specifically called 1,3-dimethylamylamine, Methylhexaneamine or even 1,3 DMAA?

You see, some recent news stories have revealed some very interesting facts about this compound. First and foremost, the newest research now shows that Geranium Oil, in and of itself, does NOT actually contain this compound!


New Product - Joint Rehab

Joint Rehab :: Joint Recovery Accelerant

Sports nutrition company All American EFX is proud to announce the upcoming release of Joint Rehab™. This innovative formula is designed to help athletes maintain their active lifestyle and intense training schedule. It contains a double-patented, dietary ingredient called Kre-Celazine™ (Kre-Alkalyn® a patented, buffered creatine monohydrate and esterfied fatty acids).


Exclusive Creatine Provider To A.S.I.

Acceleration Sports Institute :: Outside

Sports nutrition company All American EFX has been appointed as the exclusive creatine provider to the prestigious Acceleration Sports Institute (ASI). ASI is a research and elite athlete performance training center housed on the campus of the Greenville Hospital System, one of the top research and medical hospital systems in the nation.


EFX Wins 1st Place for 4th Year In A Row

All American EFX is proud to announce that their flagship product, Kre- Alkalyn® EFX Creatine, has won Planet Muscle's Platinum "Best of The Best" award for the 4th year in a row. The product is a multi-patented form of creatine that helps with muscle building, energy, performance and recovery from strenuous exercise.

The results will be formally announced in the May 2010 issue of Planet Muscle magazine.


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